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Cultural Centre

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Hundreds of items of world class Japanese art and artefacts are exhibited at the Garden's Cultural Centre.

The Cultural Centre also hosts our enclosed dry garden (karesansui). New designs are raked on a regular basis.


Highlights of the Cultural Centre include:


  • Somenishiki vase standing 1.5 metres high, produced by the Taizan Gama Kiln in Arita. The vase has a twin at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

  • Painted scroll c1700

  • Lady McIntyre folk doll collectio

  • Contemporary Nanga ink paintings

  • Bride doll by renowned Japanese doll maker Bosho Soshoin 

  • Ceramic works of art by Shigeo Shiga


Many of the items on display were donated by Japanese individuals, companies, and cultural organisations.

Each of the nine power companies of Japan has donated an item of movable cultural heritage which represents their particular area of Japan.

The collection of Japanese ceramics is of particular note, with bizen, imari, and hagi-yaki being represented among others in the collection. 

Advice is provided by the Director of Asian Art at the Art Gallery of NSW, Jackie Menzies.

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