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Beauty in every season...

12.5 acres of peace and beauty.

Visit the largest Japanese garden in the Southern Hemisphere, and the home of Japanese culture in Australia.

Kisetsukan all year

Kisetsukan is a Japanese word meaning 'A Sense of Season'. It means to appreciate each season, respecting what nature has to offer at all times of year. In the Cowra Japanese Garden, every day, week and season offers something special.

Take your time

After strolling through the garden, stay a while longer to enjoy the world-class artworks in our Cultural Centre, Japanese items in our gift shop, and fantastic coffee in the adjoining cafe. 


Shop for Japanese items including incense, origami paper, wrapping cloths, tableware and more. We also stock local artists and producers.

Cultural centre

Our collection shows Japanese art and artefacts including ceramics, kimono, lacquerware, wood carvings, folk dolls, ink paintings and scrolls.



Open daily for breakfast, lunch, coffee and cakes. Call 6342 5222 to book a table.

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